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How to prepare your skin for the winter months ahead

It’s autumn, there’s no denying it any more. Although digging out the wooly jumpers and debating putting the heating are obvious preparation steps, spare a moment to consider what the change in season does to your skin.

As an expert skin therapist I understand how even subtle changes in our surroundings affect our skin. Here are my top tips for gorgeous winter skin.

1- Don’t abandon the sun protection

Just because the sun appears weaker (or we don’t see it for much of the day) doesn’t mean our skin is safe from its harmful effects. Maintain a level of sun protection throughout the winter months to limit the damage it can do.

Haylie recommends: Eminence Organics Sun Defense Mineral Make Up with SPF 30

2- Invest in the right moisturizer

It’s not just your clothes that need to change as the nights draw in and the temperature drops. A heavier, cream-based moisturizer can offer more robust protection against extreme temperature changes, for example, coming in to a centrally heated room after a period outside. As an advanced skin therapist I always help clients identify the right products for their skin, so ask your facialist or seek advice on a great winter moisturizer.

Haylie recommends: Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturiser

3- Banish cracked and chapped lips

Prevent the all-too-familiar sight of cracked, dry lips during winter by using a combination of lip scrubs and lip balms. However, some lip balms contain a ingredients which prevent the fragile skin on your lips from breathing properly. Avoid lip balms with wax or petrolatum listed as ingredients.

Haylie recommends: The Citrus Enzyme Lip Exfoliator with the Rosehip and Lemongrass (SPF15) Lip Balm from Eminence Organics

4- Exfoliate to keep the summer glow

When we think about exfoliation we think facial scrubs, micro beads and over the counter exfoliators. Whilst they can help, going for a deep skin exfoliation (microdermabrasion or chemical peels) with a skin expert will offer a more significant result and give your skin that longed-for youthful glow.

Haylie recommends: Eden’s signature chemical peel

5- Resist the starchy food

In colder months the thought of warming stews, pies and comforting food is very tempting, but even small changes to diet can show through the condition of your skin. Try not to increase your sugar intake or reach for too many carbohydrates over winter and maintain a healthy diet.

Haylie recommends: Get advice from a nutritionist, meal plan and keep hydrated with plenty of water!

There are lots of ways to protect your skin this winter, for the best advice and skin treatments in Harrogate book your appointment at Eden Skincare.

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