Healthy skin is a reflection of you and your wellbeing!

“Your skin needs balance in all elements from maintenance, nutrition, emotional, lifestyle and environmental factors”

Haylie will ensure your skincare priorities and requirements are assessed through a full consultation including skin analysis. Only then will Haylie, as your skincare specialist, provide the optimal treatment regime to suit both you and your lifestyle.

Signature Treatments




90 Minutes – £90

A detailed  consultation with prescriptive skin analysis, including face mapping  and skin scanning,  will be carried out for all new clients and clients that have not been for skin treatments in two years.  After assessment your bespoke treatment can include double cleanse, ultra sonic exfoliation, prescriptive exfoliation, blackhead extraction, tailored masks to skins requirements, oxygen treatment, galvanic treatment, lymphatic drainage and accupressure massage. My focus is to offer you a complete personal skin health service, both in the treatment and at home.  Consultation and analysis of your skin is essential for your first step to flawless healthy skin forever. Your first bespoke treatment will take place after the consultation, to allow me to understand how your skin responds within my treatment to ascertain a deeper clarification  of what you and your skin needs are.




120 minutes £110
Your ultimate treatment filled with relaxation, skin nourishing peels, masks, serums and transformative technologies.  Design your own unique treatment from head to toe specialised luxury.  Include acu- pressure facial massage, lymph drainage, LED, Oxygen therapy, galvanic therapy, radio frequency, reflexology, back massage and head & shoulder massage.
90 minutes  £85
One of the most popular treatments allowing you to completely feel you have rested and taken time out, while skin is restored with techniques and technologies, for lasting skin glowing results.  Treatment may contain oxygen, galvanic and ultra- sonic technology for custom skin results, followed by your choice of acu-pressure facial massage, head neck and shoulder massage.
70 minutes £70
Needing a little more time to relax in your treatment ? Add on a head or shoulder massage to the 60 minute treatment below and make your maintenance treatment even more relaxing.
60 minutes  £65
Comprehensive skin maintenance treatment combines results driven specific blended skincare with non invasive technology.  Acu-pressure facial and neck massage is then performed to ensure you leave feeling totally relaxed, while skin is glowing and clear of blemishes.
40 minutes  £55
Targeted treatment for  specific skin concerns, ranging from concentrated blackhead extraction, boosting hydration, addressing inflammation or detox, lifting and drainage massage.


Ultimate Age Smart Treatment (Face and Neck)


This ultimate age defying customised face and neck treatment using micro-current muscle re-education technology to lift and contour facial muscles of the jawline, eyes, face and neck, while lines smoothed and plumped.  Oxygen and LED technology stimulate collagen for instant results combined with hyaluronic acid hydrating mask. Oxygen therapy will heal and rejuvenate the epidermis, following the ultimate LED photo light therapy over the hyaluronic acid face and neck mask, which will increase collagen  to plump and hydrate.  The results are instant, YOUR skin will be firmer, lifted, rejuvenated, glowing and of course extremely hydrated. course is recommended if leading up to a event or for an advanced targeted skin treatment. This will give your skin the most amazing results and will deliver immediate and long-term skin health benefits that you can see and feel.


One Treatment – £120
Course of 3 Treatments – £340
Course of 6 Treatments – £690


   COURSE OF 3 £220
 COURSE OF 6 £425
Non-invasive red LED rejuvenates and heals the skin, near-infrared increases cell energy and collagen production to counteract ageing and skin damage and anti-bacterial blue LED helps acne prone skin, combine these revolutionary light technologies for ultimate results.
COURSE OF 3 £270
COURSE OF 6 £550
A chemical peel designed to resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. The unique, multi-phase approach works with the skins biology to safely slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without inflammation and prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. Treatments are specifically targeted for addressing problematic skin conditions,  whether you’re looking for help combating pigmentation, sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts.
The ultimate skin GLOW treatment.
A patch test is required 24 hours before treatment.


Includes after-care skin kit

.A course of treatments is recommended for lasting effective results. 


The microcurrent facial is designed for all skin types as this muscle stimulating treatment builds collagen leaving skin plump and hydrated. Facial muscles are lifted, jawline contoured, wrinkles diminish, while alleviating dark circles, excess water, and fine lines. Helps with muscle re-education, increases natural production of collagen and elastin, increases product penetration by 70-80%, whilst increasing blood and lymph flow. Great for a lifting, firming, brightening effect using micro current technology. This treatment can also be used to target ageing hands and to rejuvenate tired, puffy, tired looking eyes.

A course of treatments is recommended  for long lasting effective results


A Full Face 60 Min £55

 A Course Of 5 Treatments £250

 A Course Of 10 Treatments £500

Including LED £75

A Course Of 5  Treatments£360

A Course Of 10 Treatments £720

Jowl £30

A Course Of 5 Treatments £140

A Course Of 10 Treatments £280


LED skin therapy works with different coloured LED lights, that trigger reactions beneath the epidermis and penetrate the skin at varying depths. Blue light is used to kill the bacteria that causes acne, providing an effective healing treatment for congestion, whereas wavelengths of red light are used to stimulate collagen and elastin production for anti-aging simultaneously shrinking enlarged pores and tightening the skin and the purple light which is a combination of the two for calming inflammation and fading scars.


Benefits for your skin are:



Age management

Fine Lines

Improving dull skin tone and clarity

Sun Spots




A course of six treatments is recommended for long lasting effective results.  Pay for five treatments get the sixth free.


30 MINUTES £20

40 MINUTES £30


You can also add LED phototherapy on to your skin treatment

15 minutes – £20
20 minutes – £25
40 minutes – £35

Haylie is amazing, she has helped me so much with my sensitive eczema type skin. I think she actually understands my skin more than I do. I regularly have facials, each time Haylie taylors it for my specific needs on the day. After years of trying treatments and products I have finally found my answers, my skin has so improved and I love both the Eminence and Dermologica products. I could not recommend Haylie enough, I really look forward to my appointments. Thanks for all your hard work! Emma, Harrogate.

Other Treatments


Bring back the sparkle to your eyes with the ultimate eye treatment. Lift, brighten, nourish and de-puff your eyes with this soothing treatment including microcurrent and  acu-pressure massage.


One treatment £50

Course of 3 treatments £130

Course of 6 treatments £250


Exfoliate, hydrate and renew your hands. Perfect for dry, sensitive and sun damaged hands.



 Exfoliating cleanse, extraction of clogged pores and blackheads, then Oxygen therapy will be used for the most effective anti-bacterial and healing results.

A clay herbal mud mask  will be applied for detoxification, finishing with a purifying and calming aromatherapy massage.


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