Eden Skincare Treatments

Healthy Skin is a reflection of a your total wellbeing. Haylie at Eden Skincare believes that skincare is all about you and how nutrition, lifestyle and environment combine to affect your overall health.


Haylie will ensure your skincare priorities and requirements are assessed through a full consultation including skin analysis. Only then will Haylie, as your skincare specialist, provide the optimal treatment regime to suit both you and your lifestyle. Haylie has chosen to partner with Dermalogica and Éminence as being organisations that shares our philosophy on the importance of quality skincare. DOWNLOAD PRICE LIST HERE»
Dermalogica is is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Dermalogica’s award winning skincare system delivers innovation through real research, real ingredients and real results. Dermalogica has a solution to every skin problem, and targeted skin care means faster results. 
Éminence organic products only contain the healthiest ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or additives, chosen to give premium results to all skin types. Éminence believe in a holistic approach to skin care and health and we feel passionate about sharing their quality products with you.

Signature Treatments


90 Minutes – £75


A detailed  consultation with prescriptive skin analysis, including face mapping  and skin scanning,  will be carried out for all new clients and clients that have not been for skin treatments in two years.  After assessment your bespoke treatment can include double cleanse, ultra sonic exfoliation, prescriptive exfoliation, blackhead extraction, tailored masks to skins requirements, oxygen treatment, galvanic treatment, lymphatic drainage and accupressure massage.


Bespoke treatment  .

120 minutes –  £95

90 minutes –    £72

70 minutes –    £62

60 minutes –    £53

40 minutes –    £48

30 minutes –    £42


Ultimate Age Smart Treatment (Face and Neck)


90 Minutes – £99
Course of 3 – £287
Course of 6 – £574

This ultimate age defying customised face and neck treatment will target all signs of ageing.  This super charged treatment includes a chemical exfoliation and skin clearing ultra sonic blade. Then micro-current muscle re-education technology  will lift and contour facial muscles, jawline, eyes and cheek bones while wrinkles will diminish with iontophoresis.


Oxygen therapy will heal and rejuvenate the epidermis, following the ultimate LED photo light therapy over the hyaluronic acid face and neck mask, which will increase collagen  to      plump and hydrate.  The results are instant, YOUR skin will be firmer, lifted, rejuvenated, glowing and of course extremely hydrated.


 course is recomended if leading up to a event or for an advanced targeted skin treatment. This will give your skin the most amazing results and will deliver immediate and long-term skin health benefits that you can see and feel.



Course of 3 – £200
Course of 6 – £400

Includes after-care skin kit


A course of treatments is recommended  for long lasting effective results. 


Biosurface Peel is a professional chemical peel designed to resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. The unique, multi-phase approach works with the skins biology to safely slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without inflammation and prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. Treatments are specifically targeted for addressing problematic skin conditions,  whether you’re looking for help combating pigmentation, sun damage, photoageing, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts.

Haylie is amazing, she has helped me so much with my sensitive eczema type skin. I think she actually understands my skin more than I do. I regularly have facials, each time Haylie taylors it for my specific needs on the day. After years of trying treatments and products I have finally found my answers, my skin has so improved and I love both the Eminence and Dermologica products. I could not recommend Haylie enough, I really look forward to my appointments. Thanks for all your hard work! Emma, Harrogate.


A course of treatments is recommended  for long lasting effective results. 


The microcurrent facial is designed for all skin types as this muscle stimulating treatment builds collagen leaving skin plump and hydrated. Facial muscles are lifted, jawline contoured, wrinkles diminish, while alleviating dark circles, excess water, and fine lines. This treatment boasts immediate results, comparable to plastic surgery or Botox. Helps with muscle re-education, increases natural production of collagen and elastin, increases product penetration by 70-80%, whilst increasing blood and lymph flow. Great for a lifting, firming, brightening effect using micro current technology. This treatment can also be used to target ageing hands and to rejuvenate tired, puffy, tired looking eyes.


Full face, 60 minutes – £55

Jowl, 30 minutes – £30

Eyes, 30 minutes – £30


3 x 40 mins £99


LED skin therapy works with different coloured LED lights, that trigger reactions beneath the epidermis and penetrate the skin at varying depths. Blue light is used to kill the bacteria that causes acne, providing an effective healing treatment for congestion, whereas wavelengths of red light are used to stimulate collagen and elastin production for anti-aging simultaneously shrinking enlarged pores and tightening the skin and the purple light which is a combination of the two for calming inflammation and fading scars.


Benefits for your skin are:



Age management

Fine Lines

Improving dull skin tone and clarity

Sun Spots



Cell Energy – ATP synthesis


30 minutes – £20
40 minutes – £30
60 minutes – £50


A course of six treatments is recommended for long lasting effective results.  Pay for five treatments get the sixth free. You can also add LED phototherapy on to your skin treatment.


15 minutes – £20
20 minutes – £25
40 minutes – £35

Treatment Procedures and Technology

During your treatment, I may recommend the use of one or more of the following procedures and technologies. These will be carefully selected following consultation with you and are always tailored to your specific skin type and the results you personally want to achieve.


The ultra-sonic blade provides a deep yet gentle exfoliation, gliding along the skin to remove dead skin and congestion. It can also be used to improve product penetration, allowing active ingredients to be absorbed more effectively into the epidermis.


Enjoy a relaxing steam treatment where the skin is warmed and softened to improve the effectiveness of the following treatment and product application. It’s also wonderful for clearing sinuses and for stimulating blood flow.


During this simple yet effective treatment I’ll manually extract blackheads, clean pores and clear congestion to reveal fresher, glowing skin.


This incredibly effective treatment will quickly improve and smooth the texture of your skin. Using a chemical solution, your skin is gently exfoliated to reveal the new skin below. This is a great option for decreasing acne scarring or for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. As with all my treatments, your chemical peel treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and skin type.


High-frequency treatments stimulate and heal the skin by increasing blood circulation and preparing the skin to receive products more effectively. During this treatment, I use oxygen therapy to dramatically heal acne scarring, while the anti-bacterial effect eliminates breakouts and deep cleanses the pores. I think of this as a complete aerobic workout for the face which warms the tissues and rejuvenates skin health.


During this treatment, a high-frequency current is used to stimulate blood flow and lymph flow and promote relaxation. Following the treatment, products are able to penetrate more deeply, increasing their effectiveness.



An effective treatment where I pass an electronic current over the skin to enhance product penetration, allowing ingredients to be absorbed deep into the epidermis.

In addition, the treatment alters the PH level of the skin, opening pores to aid extraction. The result is long-term results with an immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin. You’ll see a reduction in redness while fine lines and dryness are improved and the skin is left feeling plumped and glowing.

Other Treatments


Gentle exfoliation, hydrating mask, non- surgical microcurrent eye lift, hyaluronic acid mask, acu-pressure massage, customised eye cream.

Bring back the sparkle to your eyes with the ultimate eye treatment. Lift, brighten, nourish and de-puff your eyes with this soothing treatment.




Exfoliate, hydrate and renew your hands. Perfect for dry, sensitive and sun damaged hands.



Back,neck & shoulders  30 min £40

Legs 30 min  £40

Head 30 min  £40


The ancient practice of reflexology is a technique which involves applying gentle pressure to parts of the feet, which correspond to precise reflex points in the body. It revolves around the understanding that there are over 7,000 nerve endings, or reflex points on each of the feet that relate to the tissues, organs and systems of the body.


Applying gentle pressure to these reflex points may influence the body in many ways. It can be used to help restore the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. Whilst reflexology does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe, many health problems can be helped, including:


  • joint pain
  • muscular pain
  • low energy
  • digestive disorders
  • hormonal imbalances
  • headaches and migraine

Price £40

how to look after your skin over winter


The kind choice for your skin; I’ll help you select the right foundation, tinted moisturiser, illuminator blusher, lip gloss and powder for your skin type. With products including SPF 30, the range will not only enhance your appearance but will also provide protection for your skin.


Back clarifying treatment is perfect for treating the hardest to reach part of the body with a deep exfoliating cleanse, extraction of clogged pores and blackheads.  Oxygen therapy will be used for the most effective anti-bacterial and healing results, then clay herbal mud mask  will be applied for detoxification. Finishing with a purifying and calming aromatherapy massage.


45 min £50


Your face tells your story,  mirroring  the body and mind just like  your feet and your hands.


 Through treating the reflex points of the Face this intense massage can hasten the self-healing process of the individual. Providing all of the benefits of Facial Acupuncture without the use of Acupuncture needles!


Among the many benefits of receiving a Facial Reflexology treatment are:

 Instant relief of tension on the face, neck, scalp and brain

Working with the entire body system to address specific issues

Helping to firm the facial muscles, reducing and/or preventing fine lines and wrinkles

Stimulation to increase blood circulation and activating lymphatic drainage to achieve a naturally glowing complexion

This treatment can be added to your skin treatment or a stand alone treatment.


60 min £45

30 min £25