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*Jojoba Seed Oil, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Tamanu Seed Oil, *Frankincense Oil, *Lavender Flower Oil, *Orange Peel Oil, Vitamin E ; Plant Extracts Made In House *Calendula Flower, *Lavender Flower, *Chamomile Flower, *Rosemary Leaf, *Nettle Leaf, *Rose Petals, **Geraniol, **Linalool, and Love.

*Organic Ingredient, **Natural Constituents of Essential Oils.


Suited to:

Suitable For: Oily / Dry / Sensitive & Reactive Skin / Breakout Prone / Cystic Acne / Redness

Safe for use during pregnancy

Organic Botanical Face Elixir

  • Made with nature's edible botanicals with zero synthetics (as always) to restore radiance for healthy glowing skin, we are meant to have at any age. Ongoing use of our vitamin C-rich, nutrient-dense, 100% organic, vegan Elixir designed to rebuild skin architecture.


    • Balances sebum production on oily skin
    • Moisturises and relieves feelings of tightness on dry skin
    • Soothes redness on sensitive skin
    • Reduces sights of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles
    • Prevents cystic acne, breakouts, blemishes
    • Brightens sun spots and evens out skin tone
    • Smoothes skin texture
    • Empowers skin health


    Botanical Face Elixir is a truly raw, organic food for your skin. 

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