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Rose water reaches deep beneath the skin to increase the water content of the face for a soft and refreshed complexion. It also helps the fatty acids and non-comedogenic seed oils found in our Botanical Face Elixir absorb further into the skin for a deeply nourishing skincare ritual.


By reaching deep beneath the dermis to break down the fascia, the massage increases blood flow and helps stagnant fluid to drain away from the skin to reveal more sculpted and lifted features. 


Replenishing nutrients and antioxidants essential to skin health, such as vitamin A & E, encourage cell turnover to help the skin heal faster, reduce the sight of scarring and smooth fine lines.

Glow and Restore Skincare Massage Set

  • Rejuvenate and renew your skin with this Gua Sha massage set for a naturally dewy glow. Introduce the meditative practice of daily skincare massage into your routine to diminish the sight of fine lines, reduce puffiness, and regenerate skin tissue for a radiant glow.

    Set Includes: 100ml Organic Rose Water Facial Mist, 30ml Organic Botanical Face Elixir, Rose Quartz Gua Sha to Enhance & Lift


    • Lift and sculpt the skin with Gua Sha massage

    • Reduce the sight of fine lines and slow signs of ageing

    • Increase circulation and oxygenation for a soft dewy glow

    • Replenish and balance the skin

    • Hydrate and nourish with powerful vitamins and nutrients

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