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Inspired by hair-care recipes handed down through generations, our Scalp Repair Mask is made with an infusion of Coconut, Castor Oil, and 11 Ayurvedic herbs that have been used to heal and grow hair for centuries. Blended with Argan and Shea to soothe scalp irritation and dandruff, this mask works quickly to hydrate and heal. All without the presence of parabens, sulphates, or additives that can dry out the hair and leave the scalp feeling irritated.


Our Intense Hair Repair Elixir combines 5 hair loving oils with our in-house slow infusion of 11 Ayurvedic botanicals and herbs. Inspired by recipes used for generations, this blend is made with only natural ingredients full of antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients selected to boost healthy hair growth, lock in moisture and reveal silky, smooth hair with a healthy shine.


Gua Sha combing massages the skin of the scalp to increase blood flow and stimulate the follicles by activating tiny muscles that contract and cause the hair to stand on end. This contraction causes the sebaceous glands to secrete sebum needed to nourish the root of the hair helping it to grow longer, healthier, and thicker.

Ancient Herbs Intense Hair and Scalp Repair Set

  • Indulge once a week with this intense 2-step mask and massage ritual to reveal your best hair health. Soft, shiny, and strong - this set makes every day a good hair day.

    We've paired our two intense hair repair masks (one for scalp and one for hair) with a Gua Sha massage comb to create a holistic recovery ritual to soothe the scalp and heal the hair from within.

    Set Includes 40g Organic Intense Scalp Mask, 100ml Organic Intense Hair Treatment Elixir, Rose Quartz Gua Sha Comb.

    • Recover dry, damaged hair

    • Nourish and soothe the skin of the scalp

    • Hydrate and condition for a soft, smooth and silky shine

    • Stimulate hair at the root to encourage hair growth

    • Activate the meridians to calm the mind and relieve headaches

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