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Eden helps Royal Pump Rooms celebrate 175 years

As a major feature of the spa town of Harrogate, I was delighted to be part of the Royal Pump Rooms’ 175th Anniversary celebrations to highlight the changes to light therapy across the last several decades.

Also known as phototherapy, the action of exposing the skin to different types of light can be traced back to 1903, when Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize for his results in using phototherapy to treat lupus vulgaris (a version of tuberculosis which affects the skin). Since then, technology has continued to develop and anyone who’s had a treatment with me will know I am a huge fan of LED (light emitting diode) therapy.

Celebrating the old with the new in Harrogate

To illustrate  how times have changed, May Catt, the curator of Harrogate Museums came to visit Eden and experience LED light therapy under my Biotherapuetics machine whilst local photographer, Paula Duck, documented the whole treatment.

The resulting images below show the comparison between the treatment circa 1950s and the modern, high-tech skincare treatments I provide at Eden in the images below.


anti-ageing treatment Harrogate
Modern LED Light Therapy. Image copyright: Paula Duck


LED Light therapy Harrogate
Light therapy circa 1950s, image courtesy of North Yorkshire County Council

The images will be used as a part of an online exhibition exploring and educating the public on the different treatments provided by the Royal Pump Room when it was a working therapy centre in the 19th Century. The full document looking at the science behind the treatments and the power of the minerals in Harrogate’s famous water can be found here.

Interested in how LED therapy could benefit you?

LED therapy can improve a range of skin conditions from fine lines to rosacea and acne. At Eden I offer an introductory skin therapy session which gives new clients the chance to experience a range of the skin treatments I offer – including LED therapy.

It’s the ideal way to introduce your skin to different LED lights and to receive a personalised skin consultation from an award-winning advanced skin therapist.


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